Barbells & Plates is a premium science-based online coaching and personal training provider with the mission to empower you on your own fitness journey by focusing on what really matters. And master it.


Our methods will teach you how to live a modern fitness lifestyle that is intelligent, sustainable, and results in steady improvement for inspiring a fit and purposeful living. 

"Fitness is a journey, not a destination"

- Kenneth H. Cooper

We specialize in lasting body and mind transformations through evidence-based training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Our proven methods for gaining muscle and strength, losing body fat and optimizing health are backed by science, extensive experience and continuous education from some of the smartest minds in the industry.


We believe in teaching simple but powerful principles that will serve you for the rest of your life.


All programs are fully customized based on your goals, lifestyle, experience, desired level of commitment and individual physiology.



  • BA cum laude University of Southern California Vanguard, Hall of Fame

  • MBA Nanyang Technological University Singapore

  • Postgraduate education in Medical Innovation at Stanford University

  • Postgraduate education in Genetics at Institute of Science and Technology TUM Asia

  • International Fitness Professional Association

  • Henselmans Certified Personal Trainer, National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching


As a former professional tennis player and member of the Swiss National Tennis Federation, Dominic competed all around the world for many years in tournaments such as the U18 Wimbledon Grand Slam and European and World Championships. He is a former Swiss national champion and winner of the ITF tournament in Mumbai, India. 


After a life-changing blood disorder and three shoulder and two knee surgeries, he traded his tennis rackets for university books and continuing education in many fields such as business, medical technology and innovation and exercise and nutrition. His passion for learning brought him to the United States, Singapore and China, and after 15 years abroad eventually back to his home country, Switzerland.


For the past seven years, Dominic worked at the largest global healthcare company where he was selected for its leadership program and consulted and collaborated with healthcare providers and leaders in the field of value-based healthcare strategies and solutions.


His true passion has always been training, nutrition, health and everything in between to keep improving and developing the body and mind to its maximum potential. For this reason, he left the corporate world to dedicate his energy towards helping individuals achieve their fitness and health goals. 

"My ambition is to combine my hard-earned abilities as an international business and management professional with my certified knowledge and experience as an evidence-based personal trainer and trusted advisor." Dominic Stoeckler -- Founder of B&P ​


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