Nutrition is about eating well, simply. Not about diets. Not about avoiding foods (because that leads to compulsive, disturbed and excessive eating habits).

Not about feeling guilty when you treat yourself to your favourite dessert (or pizza or whatever you love). 


Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated and shouldn't be. The best diet? The one that suits you best!


Are you confused about what to eat/ not to eat, when and why? Do you need individual, easy to follow guidelines on calories, macro- and micronutritients for sustainable fat loss, strength and muscle gain, and optimized performance and health? Possibly some simple and delicious recipe ideas?


We cut through the nonsense and advise you ( or show you directly in the kitchen ) how to make sound diet choices that are tailored to your goal, healthy, delicious, and, most importantly, sustainable for you.


Modern society has turned the meaning of diet upside down into something short-term or temporary. The word diet comes from Latin via Greek (diaita) and originally meant ‘way of life.’ It is best to stick with the original definition as a lifestyle and philosophy to live by. 

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