Online Coaching.

option 1.

Three-month strength training and nutrition package.

  A customized and continuously updated training program.

  Comprehensive nutritional guidelines including recommended food choices for satiety, health and physical performance.

  Intuitive eating guidelines or customized calorie and macronutrient targets, based on preference and goals.

 Video analysis of your training technique.

 Informative guidance on how to recover, manage stress and optimize your sleep.

 Weekly online progress tracking and check-ins via e-mail.

option 2.

One-time package.

  A customized training and nutrition program that you follow on your own.

  A week of remote access to ask questions.

“It was a pleasure to work with and be guided by Dominic in order to reset my fitness and nutrition routines. I was amazed to learn about how to achieve results without starving and while having limited time for the gym due to work and travels. I can only recommend it for those who want a holistic coach - adjusting their lifestyles to boost fitness and energy levels!”

Katerina, Business Consultant