1-1 Training sessions

What is your vision? Whether gaining strength and muscle or losing body fat: We teach you exactly what is required and relevant to succeed!

As an addition to online coaching or as a stand-alone service, we offer personal training sessions to get the maximum out of your workout every single time and give you valuable advice on proper exercise execution. 

In contrast to other "coaches", we do not promise you overnight success - but rather scientifically based and customized guidelines to help you reach your goals safely and sustainably.

A truly optimized training depends on many parameters such as training volume, training intensity and training frequency which will be evaluated on an individual level. Further fine-tuning a training program can include testing for muscle-specific fiber type and recovery capacity.


Training sessions take place either at a gym a few walking minutes from Zurich main station or at our underground gym in Wädenswil. Other locations upon request.


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