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your Personal Trainer.


The Art & Science of Fitness Coaching.

Are you frustrated by the time and effort spent on workouts and diets that just don't deliver? 


Barbells & Plates Personal Training coaches you and equips you with simple but powerful systems that are rooted in science and experience, and tailored to your individual preferences to accelerate your physical and mental fitness to a new level. We focus on mastering the few essentials and removing the trivial many.

  • Level up your fitness and health without giving up the foods you love.

  • Exercise smartly and effectively so you’re getting maximum impact from your workouts and bulletproofing your body for whatever life throws at you.

  • Increase your confidence, love the way your body looks, feels, and performs — and enjoy your life more than you ever thought possible.

unlock exceptional quality of life.

Your personal trainer in Zurich embodies precision, performance, and professionalism. We don’t just coach – we collaborate with you. We are eternal learners and practice what we preach every single day.


We embrace the philosophy of Deep Health Coaching - a revolutionary method to transform short-term fitness goals into life-changing self-development.

The science of training and nutrition can get you results. Artful coaching can make your life better. Combine the two, and you’re setting yourself up for sustainable success.

Dominic - Head Coach

Dominic, head coach

BA, Vanguard University of Southern California, Athletics Hall of Fame

As a former international tennis professional, Dominic is no stranger to hard work and dedication. After numerous surgeries and a life-changing blood disorder, he chose to focus his energy on furthering his education.


He traded his tennis racket for university books and continued his education in business, medical technology and innovation, exercise and nutrition, and more. His passion for lifelong learning took him around the world for 15 years – from the USA to China.

Dominic spent seven years working at one of the largest global healthcare companies, where he was chosen for their international leadership program.


His passion for training, nutrition, and health eventually led him to leave the corporate world behind and dedicate his time to people just like you.


Work with Dominic as your personal trainer if you’re ready to strive towards your maximum physical and mental potential.

Barbells and Plates testimonials


Dominic is an exemplary student of iron. A former professional athlete, he's now a serious strength trainee that graduated Magna Cum Laude from my 9-month personal training course, a very rare feat.

Menno Henselmans, Scientific author in sports medicine, International Speaker

Barbells and Plates News
Valentina, pre- and postnatal coach

Valentina, pre- and postnatal coach

Valentina is a former competitive volleyball player, a certified teacher by the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning, a gender and migration policy analyst, and a social entrepreneur. She is also currently studying to offer pre-and postpartum personal training and breastfeeding consulting.


As a radical acceptance activist, Valentina knows how important it is to have positive physical and mental associations with food and exercise.


As a fitness coaching expert, Valentina works to debunk monolithic and toxic myths about fitness.


She teaches her clients to stop focusing on the scale and start focusing on how they can feel stronger every day.


​Choose Valentina as your personal trainer if you’re ready to learn how to restore, strengthen and celebrate your body and mind, one day at a time.

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your personal training.

simple systems for dramatic gains.


Train smart. Train hard. In that order. Following the motto - no pain, MORE gain. Our training philosophy is based on science, logic, and experience. We are not married to any single training style or particular exercise. Instead, we choose the best tools for each individual situation and dynamically adapt your training to your progress.

feel good. be strong.

Besides aesthetics, intelligent and progressive strength training is an excellent tool to accelerate your fitness, health, and well-being to a new level.


Discover the overlooked benefits of strength training. You are at the right place at Barbells & Plates Personal Training if you want to: Get STRONGER physically and mentally, INCREASE your self-confidence, BUILD resilience against injuries, GAIN a better body image, BUILD UP your stamina and energy levels, FEEL good and improve sleep quality.

The best training program? The one you can do consistently and enjoy (as much fun as hard training is).

Everybody is different and every body is different. Barbells & Plates Personal Training uses a structured, systematic, and science-based approach to design your ideal training program, taking into consideration your unique anthropometry and biomechanics for effective and safe training.

explore your muscles.

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Explore the anatomy Woman
Explore the anatomy Man

your personal nutrition.

Flying wok ingredients - shrimp, vegetab

a lifestyle approach - eat yourself deliciously fit.

Eating healthy is complicated. Not really. Eating healthy seems complicated because of the abundance of information on food, weight loss, disease prevention, and what you should and shouldn’t eat.


Do you want to perform and feel your best while not spending more time than necessary thinking about nutrition? Start with the basics. Master the basics. The basics are not replaceable.

do you want a short-term fix or a lifestyle?

Food isn’t good or bad, it simply requires context. The word diet shouldn’t be associated with quick fixes. It actually comes from the ancient Latin word díaita, which means way of life. We believe in creating sustainable eating habits that suit your individual goals and needs.

Our nutrition philosophy revolves around:

a flexible mindset

satiating and
nutrient-rich foods

your lifestyle design

look, feel and perform your best 
with a sustainable

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