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personal training.

more fitness for less money.

You have a busy work schedule with many commitments, and it can be difficult to find time for yourself. Your fitness and health are often not given the priority they deserve.

If you're like most people, you've probably tried many different diets and exercise routines that left you frustrated as they were not sustainable for your lifestyle. As such, results were temporary at best.


An expert personal trainer could be the solution, but you may be wondering if the investment in a personal coach is worth it in terms of time and financial commitment. 

But have you thought about online personal training? It's a great way to get the benefits of professional coaching and expert guidance for your fitness and health while gaining maximum time flexibility and saving money in the process! 


With online personal training, the gym and personal training experience come to you, allowing you to reach your goals at your own pace from anywhere and anytime.


Barbells & Plates' online personal training is a cost-effective and location-independent solution that provides premium fitness coaching, even for busy people who value their time.

Our online personal training can be utilized anywhere, offering convenience, responsiveness, and flexibility. Best of all, you will be empowered with more accountability to reach your goals, giving you more time and freedom.

Because life happens and your goals may change, your program is continuously individualized and adapted to your evolving needs. This ensures that you make constant, measurable progress towards your goals. With our coaching, you will no longer be in the dark, because you will know exactly what works for you and what does not.

Look, feel, and perform your best.

Gain muscle and strength. Improve well-being and quality of life.

Barbells & Plates’ tools for online personal training are (1) individualized and optimized strength training and (2) a personalized and sustainable nutrition framework. We combine these tools with the creation of smart lifestyle habits designed to improve sleep, manage stress, and strategies that allow you to persevere when things get tough.

Based on science, logic, and experience, our online personal training is a collaborative and interactive experience. We avoid dogmatic thinking and instead use a more nuanced approach that takes your uniqueness into consideration.

less, but better.

Over 80% of your fitness progress is determined by just a handful of actions. These actions are simple and yet extremely powerful. We help you to cut through all the fitness noise and instead simplify your fitness and health down to the most effective, efficient, and sustainable way.

Effectively, building a head-turning physique or optimizing your health and quality of life for the long-term comes down to:

  • becoming aware of your priorities;

  • eliminating excess noise;

  • focusing on the essential and giving it your best effort.


Our coaching is geared towards establishing consistent and sustainable exercise and nutrition habits that align with your goals and lifestyle. Instead of relying on fluctuating motivation or willpower, we provide the structure, support, and accountability for you to succeed and more importantly, maintain your progress long-term. It’s simple but not easy. Because after all, only applied knowledge is power.

Systematic individualization.

Everyone is unique, and we all respond differently to a training program. It cannot be overstated; optimized program design requires individualization. Just like suits, the best online personal training programs are custom-tailored.

However, ‘customization’ is often misguided and resembles randomness rather than possessing a clear rationale. There needs to be a method to the madness. Enter systematic individualization; no more cookie-cutter programs. Individualize your program to your body and lifestyle, and you will unleash your potential.

deep health coaching.

Do you want to turn superficial, physical goals into substantial, meaningful life improvements? This is the case when all dimensions of health are in tune, not just the physical. Deep health looks at a person's multidimensional well-being in all aspects of their life - Relational, Existential, Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Environmental. 


Problems are interconnected, but so are the solutions. When one dimension is strengthened, it positively affects other dimensions as well, and that is the power of Deep Health Coaching. ​Exercise and eating behaviors influence every dimension of your life.

Find joy and fulfillment in the process.

Many people mistakenly view healthy eating as painful, tasteless, boring, and difficult. Yes, establishing healthier eating habits can be difficult at first, depending on your previous eating habits, but the only way to make a long-term impact and stick to new habits is to focus on the joy that comes with the process.

Countless people want to lose body fat and adjust their eating habits accordingly. However, if you are constantly thinking about losing weight, carefully monitoring what you eat, or otherwise embarking on a never-ending quest attempting to attain a smaller figure, your focus is misplaced. Consider instead turning your focus to:

  • fueling and recovering from workouts;

  • actively investing in your health;

  • increasing energy levels;

  • improving sleep quality;

  • increasing physical strength and building muscle.

look beyond aesthetics.

Strength training done right is the most effective tool in achieving a lean and muscular body that makes you stronger and fitter, and it can also enhance your life in many other ways. It has been shown to boost psychological health by:

  • increasing subjective well-being and positive mood state and decreasing depression;

  • decreasing your stress levels, anxiety, and neuroticism;

  • improving your self-esteem, self-satisfaction, body image and self-concept.

ready for online personal training?

Then take the next step! Our online personal training program can be utilized anywhere and offers convenience, responsiveness, and flexibility. You will be empowered with more accountability to reach your personal goals, hence more time and freedom for you. With Barbells & Plates’ online personal training program you get:

1. Professional advice. Receive a personal strength training and nutrition program customized to your goals, taking into account your experience, lifestyle, level of commitment, and other factors. Your online personal trainer will adapt your plan when needed to ensure continued progress toward your goals. As your personal trainer, we will provide honest and direct feedback. This may not always be what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.

2. Trackable insights and progress. We will monitor your progress objectively, benchmark it for the future, and use this data to adapt and finetune your training and nutrition overtime to keep you on track. In the end, we can’t train on your behalf; the hard work is up to you, just like in the gym. However, if you are willing to put in the required effort, you will get the same or even better results through online personal training as you would elsewhere.

3. Fitted around your lifestyle. The best program is worth nothing if it cannot be executed. In order for a program to work long term, we need to make sure that it is tailored to your current lifestyle. Flexibility is a key advantage of online personal training. With access to the Internet, you can literally make progress from anywhere. It is a great option if you have a busy lifestyle and struggle to find time to attend a gym. Online personal training can help guide you to success and create a system that is both effective and enjoyable at the same time.

Get started now with our options below.

option 1.

three-month strength training and nutrition package.

3 months of Online Personal Training to take your fitness to the next level.


CHF 990.-

  A customized and continuously updated training program.

  Ready to implement nutritional guidelines including recommended food choices for satiety, health, and physical performance.

  Intuitive eating guidelines or customized calorie and macronutrient targets, based on preference and goals.

 Video analysis of your training technique.

 Informative guidance on how to recover, manage stress and optimize your sleep.

 Weekly online progress tracking and accountability check-ins via e-mail.

option 2.

one-time package.

 A one-time «do it yourself» training and nutrition package.

CHF 350.-

  A customized training and nutrition program based on your goals and   preferences that you follow on your own.

 A week of online access to ask questions and fine-tune your program setup.

It was a pleasure to work with and be guided by Dominic in order to reset my fitness and nutrition routines. I was amazed to learn about how to achieve results without starving and while having limited time for the gym due to work and travel. I can only recommend it for those who want a holistic coach - adjusting their lifestyles to boost fitness and energy levels!”

Katerina, Business Consultant

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