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how it works


​2. MEET your coach to assess if we are a good fit and decide how to move forward.

​3. RECEIVE your custom-made training program and nutrition framework.

​4. ACCESS your data in a personal cloud-based folder – all you need is Google Sheets.

5. DISCUSS your personal training program with us during an onboarding session.

6. STAY accountable with regular check-ins and progress tracking.

7. RECEIVE program updates when you need them based on your progress and new goals​.

how it works
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Progress in your fitness journey comes down to essentially two elements: 

The right methods, and the implementation of such. It is simple, but not easy.
Your Barbells & Plates Personal Trainer in Zurich will provide you with the blueprint and accountability for sustainable progress.


However, YOU are the captain of your own ship and have to be willing to put in consistent effort and hard work. After all, fitness is a journey, not a destination.

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