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Women Deserve Better!

Did the latest detox diet or fat-burning workout let you down? Try something different this time.

Something that lasts. Sustainable is transformational.

Personal Training, Nutrition, and Health Coaching for Women.

1-on-1 Personal Training in Zürich or Wädenswil, Nutrition, and Mindset Coaching for women who are ready to become their fittest, healthiest, most badass selves — one squat at a time.

Join our community of women who prioritize their health and well-being. Taking care of yourself can be a fun and rewarding experience. Let's achieve your fitness and wellness goals in a sustainable way.

Why Women-Specific Coaching?

67-75% of people who seek personal training and nutrition coaching are women

Yet the majority of fitness information is geared towards men and is under-serving women. While there are no gender-specific exercises, different goals and needs require a different game plan.

Important women's topics are often ignored:

  • Body image

  • ​Restrictive dieting

  • ​Menstrual cycle 

  • Pelvic health

  • ​Emotional eating

  • ​Osteoporosis

  • ​Menopause

  • ​Pre- and Postpartum

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Overcome the Roadblocks Impacting Your Health

Many women face unique challenges when it comes to their fitness and health, from societal expectations to the pressures of balancing work and caregiving responsibilities.

body image issues.png

Relationship with your body

social media comparison trap.png

Social media & comparison

fear of getting bulky.png

Fear of "getting bulky"

unrealistic expectations.png

Unrealistic expectations

restrictive diet.png

Diet culture

Untitled design (10).png

Hormonal Changes

We tackle those roadblocks with women-specific behavior change psychology, an empowering strength training routine, and a flexible, non-dogmatic approach to nutrition.

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Dedicated to Developing a Healthy Mind and Body, and a Thriving Life.

Unfortunately, women are getting used to having their bodies judged, criticized, and evaluated by others. There is this notion that women must look a certain way to be “worthy”. Lean, but not too lean. Curvy, but not too curvy...Basically, women have pretty impossible standards to meet. 


The predominant idolization of thinness can lead to self-doubt and exacerbate body image issues, and ultimately prevent healthy lifestyle changes from happening.

On top of that, with today's society hyper-focused on instant gratification, you are bombarded with silly and at times harmful nutrition and exercise advice from trendy influencers who promote fad diets, detox teas, or supplement scams.

​​It’s time to prioritize and improve your health - and thrive in your body  - without rigid diets and excessive workouts that leave you drained.

Welcome to Barbells & Plates! And crafting your best self.

How Our Coaching Can Make a Difference.


We’ll show you how you can exercise less but smarter, eat foods you actually like, and build fitness into your life, without it taking over. Before you know it, you have adopted sustainable and long-term lifestyle changes rather than spinning your wheels with quick fixes. 


Build a healthy relationship with food. Embrace balance, eat foods you enjoy, and still get incredible results.


Improve mental and physical health. Gain a better body image, no longer hiding your gifts and talents.


Enjoy how your body feels and performs. Build physical strength, loving what your body can do.


Achieve, and maintain your goals, even when life gets busy and get off the diet roller coaster once and for all

client testimonial for barbells & plates personal training.jpg
"I contacted Dominic and Valentina because I needed help getting back in shape after having my second baby. Dominic made me a simple but very effective plan which we thoroughly went through together. I felt very understood and learned a lot about how to train in a sustainable way."

Anna Krebs, Project Manager

Your Coaches

Hi, we are Valentina and Dominic - women's health advocates and your accountability pals. Our backgrounds are as diverse as our clients and have shaped our empathetic coaching approach.

We aim to be a voice of trust and reason in the noisy fitness space to make a meaningful impact in people's lives. Are YOU next?


Strong woman in the process :)

We Aim to Earn Your Trust by
Being a
Trusted Partner.

We are certified by the Girls Gone Strong Academy, the industry's top certification for professionals who work with women.


To provide a rewarding and compassionate coaching experience, we continuously learn from the best and hold ourselves accountable to evidence-based education and practice to empower women with training, nutrition, and mindset coaching that has the power to facilitate positive change. 

Women's personal training certification

How the Coaching Experience Looks Like.

We are no drill sergeants. Our coaching is collaborative in nature and focuses on building your autonomy and competence to develop intrinsic motivation.

Fitness consultation.jpg

1 / Let’s get to know each other. 

We start by discussing your goals, why they are important to you, and what held you back in the past to make the desired change.

nutrition program.jpg

2 /Receive your personal program.

You’ll receive an initial training and nutrition program designed specifically to fit your schedule, ability level, and goals.

woman strength training.jpg

3 / Start your journey.

It’s time to start training and reaping all its benefits. We will do regular check-ins to keep you on track with support and accountability.

client testimonial barbells & plates personal training.jpg
"My consultation with Dominic has given me the very foundation I was looking for to move forward with a nutritional regimen and exercise routine that should serve me well."

Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jordan, President and CEO at The Paradigm Forum  


All our coaching packages include 1:1 personal training sessions in Zürich Enge or Wädenswil, nutrition coaching, and accountability tools to track progress. Packages are customized to your needs and start at CHF 690.- per month.  


Strength Training


Ready to Make a Change?

Let's have an informal chat about your fitness & health goals. 


Leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Much love,

Valentina and Dominic 

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