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If you’re struggling with this whole “fitness thing”, you might feel like:​

  • You’re overwhelmed by all the workout and diet options or “stuck” not knowing what to do next

  • You are frustrated with the lack of progress you have made despite putting in a lot of effort 

  • You lack the willpower to stay consistent

  • You don’t have any “control” over yourself around your favorite food or drinks

That’s exactly why we are here. 


Together with my gained strength and musculature, I improved my mental state, found balance, and learned how to enjoy the process of both physical and mental progress."

Dragana, phd researcher at roche

is our coaching right for you?

If you aren't progressing in the direction you would like to, your dedicated Barbells & Plates personal trainer can end your frustration and kickstart your progress.

  • Simple, game-changing strategies for getting real, sustainable results starting TODAY.​​

  • Make progress toward your goals — while still eating your favorite foods and spending less time in the gym.

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trying harder isn't the solution

The key to achieving the body and life you envision is not to try harder, but smarter.


Curate your environment for success - Adding friction to things that don’t serve your higher desires, and reducing friction for things that do.

Why make life and achieving your fitness goals more difficult than it needs to be?

Barbells & Plates Personal Training Zurich is your all-in-one solution to look, feel, and perform your best. Get the right support from your personal trainer and learn how to master simple, but essential training and nutrition principles and more importantly, how to integrate them into your lifestyle sustainably.


Through personal training at Barbells & Plates, I was able to lose a significant amount of body fat while getting stronger and building muscle. More importantly, I have been able to maintain it for over a year, seemingly effortless."

tim, real estate manager city of zurich

why our 1:1 personal training works

More often than not, doing fewer things better is the way to go. Especially when it comes to your fitness, simplicity beats complexity. 80% of your fitness progress is determined by just a handful of activities. These actions are simple, yet extremely effective.


Ultimately, you just need the right systems and methods to achieve your goals. Unfortunately, most people waste their energy and time on things that just don't work, are effortful, and make them even more frustrated.


We help you cut through all the fitness clutter and simplify your actions to the core so you can focus on the things that actually matter and deliver the progress you are after.


your personal Trainer

Hi, I'm Dominic - the head coach at Barbells & Plates Personal Training. Thanks for stopping by.


I am passionate about physical and mental fitness and longevity, human and cultural diversity, and becoming the best possible role model for my daughter.

Personal trainer in zürich

Coach Dominic testing flywheel training at the Olympia center

I would be honored to guide you through what can often seem like a hard-to-navigate fitness jungle, and help you achieve your goals.

Our training takes place in our private gym in Wädenswil or in our partner gym in Zürich.

Apart from coaching individuals from all walks of life - from kids to professional athletes, to senior executives and postpartum clients, I have extensive international experience and appreciation from 15 years of living and working in the United States, Singapore, China, and European countries and consulting with leading healthcare providers.


My diverse background and education help me be a more emphatic and effective coach for you so you can thrive in all areas of your life. Read my quick story here.

Barbells and Plates testimonials


Dominic is an exemplary student of iron. A former professional athlete, he's now a serious strength trainee that graduated Magna Cum Laude from my 9-month personal training course, a very rare feat.

Menno Henselmans, Scientific author in sports medicine, International Speaker

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find joy in the process

Goals set the direction of travel. The process is what gets you there. So you might as well enjoy it. Fitness is a journey, not a destination.


Done right, training and nutrition should make your life better and enhance not only your physical health but also your mental and social health.


Instead of relying on the unpredictable status of daily motivation and willpower, we give you the systems, structure, and accountability you need to facilitate positive change.

It's simple, but not easy. After all, only applied knowledge is power. 

personal training zurich.

Woman personal trainer doing push-ups

how our coaching process works

1. Get in touch or book a free consultation (in-person or online) for personal training Zürich. We start by discussing your goals, why they are important to you, and what held you back in the past to make the desired change. We will then inform you if we have the skill set to help, what is realistic, and what interventions are necessary.


2. Plan. We will create an initial nutrition and training plan based on your schedule and preferences. This includes nutrition guidance on creating meals that fit your food preferences, and a training program tailored specifically towards your experience, lifestyle, and goals.

3. Execute. The best plan is only as good as its execution. We will do regular check-ins to evaluate your progress. Your job is to adhere to the plan, and our job is to help you do that and tweak things when necessary to stay on target. 

Get started now with our options below

option 1.

strength training and nutrition package with your personal trainer.

Monthly in-person Personal Training membership to accelerate your fitness progress. Leave nothing to chance.

BRONZE CHF  690.- 

4 training sessions per month

SILVER CHF 1190.- 

8 training sessions per month

GOLD CHF 1680.- 

12 training sessions per month


16 training sessions per month

Each membership is valid for one month and will renew monthly. Can be canceled anytime.

  1-1 personal training sessions to get the maximum out of your workout every single time. On the spot advice and insights on proper exercise execution.

  Sessions take place at our private gym in Waedenswil ( 7 walking minutes from the train station, full privacy), or for an added cost of CHF 30.- per training session, we can train at our partner gym in Zurich.

  Ready to implement nutritional guidelines including recommended food choices for satiety, health, and physical performance.

 Informative guidance on how to recover, manage stress and optimize your sleep.

option 2.

one-time package.

A one-time «do it yourself» training and nutrition package.

CHF 450.-

  A customized training and nutrition program based on your goals and preferences that you follow on your own.

✓  One private personal training session to go over the exercises in person and discuss any questions.