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a personalized solution that's just right for you.

No single diet or eating style is best for everyone. The key is finding a tailored program that meets your individual needs and helps you build lifelong habits to support your goals.

Removing the guesswork and achieving your goal is made easy by asking the right questions about your eating habits and daily routine in order to establish nutrition principles that are aligned with your goals, lifestyle, and preferences.


Your meals should be both enjoyable and provide you with the nutrients you need for achieving and maintaining your optimal health, physique, and performance.

Get started now with our options below.

option 1.

three-month nutrition only package.

3 months of Online Nutrition Coaching to kickstart your journey, build a solid foundation and sustainable eating habits in line with your goals.

CHF 450.-

  Ready to implement nutritional guidelines including recommended food choices for satiety, health, and physical performance.

  Calorie and macronutrients targets if appropriate, updated as needed.

  Ad libitum guidelines to learn about intuitive eating.

  Special dietary needs considered.

  Guidelines for detecting and fulfilling micronutrient requirements with whole foods or supplements if necessary.

 Access to a clients-only mailbox for asking questions.

option 2.

one-time package.

A one-time «do it yourself» nutrition progam.

CHF 250.-

  One in-person or online consultation.

  A customized nutrition program that you follow on your own.

I'd like to say that I found the consultation session very valuable and am already applying a few new things I've learned in my routine.”

Janjarang, Social Finance at UZH

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