In-person Coaching.

option 1.

Three-month strength training and nutrition package with your own personal trainer.

  One or more private, personal training session(s) per week in Zurich or Wädenswil.

  The same features and resources offered in the Online Coaching package.

  Access to a clients-only mailbox for asking questions.

option 2.

One-time package.

  A customized training and nutrition program that you follow on your own.

✓  One private personal training session to go over the exercises in person.


"Before Barbells and Plates Personal Training, my focus was the number on the scale and solely physical appearance. Dominic taught me to trust the process and enjoy the growth that is beyond the visible. I gained much more than just muscle mass. Together with my strength, I improved my mental state, found balance, and learned how to enjoy the process of both physical and mental progress."

Dragana, Scientist