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  • Do you often feel that fitness and health are an all-or-nothing game and that you have to go all in to “win”? 

  • Diet starts on Mondays is a recurring thought for you? 

  • Are you tired of marketing tactics, supplement scams, or any of the latest fad diets that promise to be the next best thing? 

  • Do you struggle to balance family and work life while also investing in your fitness and health?

You are not alone. Luckily there is a better way!


Being fit and healthy, feeling good, and enjoying life are not mutually exclusive.

What we do.

We help ambitious individuals thrive in their bodies and lives through smart strength training and flexible nutrition - engineered for efficiency and sustainability to excel within busy schedules.

We provide honest fitness advice that cuts through all the nonsense (yes, there is a lot!), so you can confidently conquer what actually matters.

1.  train smart.
2. eat well.
3. live extraordinarily.

What you get.

Build a high-performance body that you are proud of, develop a growth mindset that will positively affect other areas of your life, and find joy and empowerment in the process of unlocking exceptional quality of life and long-term health.

Our coaching respects and embraces your individual "WHY" and provides you with the blueprint for the desired change.

holistic approach

Our science-based personal training solutions not only skyrocket your physical strength but also help you develop mental fortitude and deep health in all aspects of life.

personalized program

We examine all the relevant parameters closely under the microscope and apply systematic individualization to design a training program that truly matches your needs.

Barbells and Plates Personal Training

be strong.

feel good.

no nonsense

Trends come and go, but our personal training methods have stood the test of time because they are based on established scientific approaches to fitness and nutrition.

sustainable progress

You will gain the necessary tools for sustainable self-development by adopting a growth mindset. Besides achieving your goals, you will learn how to sustain your progress long-term.

in 5 steps to success.

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1. assess

In order to know where you are going, you need to know where you are. Even if you are at the very first step.

dragana avramovic, scientist

dragana avramovic, scientist

Dominic taught me to trust the process and enjoy the growth that is beyond the visible. I gained much more than muscle. Together with my strength, I improved my mental state, found balance, and learned how to enjoy the process of both physical and mental progress.

juan garcia, triathlete & researcher 

juan garcia,
triathlete & researcher 

Beyond his extensive knowledge in training and nutrition, Dominic helped me to reconnect with an essential element of my fitness: Setting goals and tracking progress. He is always open to listening to my goals to tailor a training plan that is effective and rewarding.

rhythyma shinde, environmental analyst 

rhythyma shinde, environmental analyst 

Valentina and Dominic are absolute gems of personal trainers in Zurich, providing a very tailor-made program and coaching. Highly recommended if you want to develop your training and nutrition at your personal pace.

what clients say.

how it works.

1. book your free consultation.


2. choose the right coaching package.

3. enjoy the process.