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you can't go wrong getting strong.

Strength matters. A stronger muscle has more potential for performance and can make your body more resilient against injuries. An optimized strength training routine should respect the unique demands of the sport and prepare your body accordingly. Most sports require strong and powerful legs, rotational strength and stability, as well as a robust upper body. A smart routine will also focus on developing strength in sideways movements and incorporate single leg and single arm movements. 

We tailor your routine based on your goals, experience, and injury history. Don't waste time on exercises that don't produce the desired results or unnecessarily increase your risk of injury.

increase your performance with Flywheel technology.

Besides traditional strength training, Barbells & Plates Personal Training utilizes targeted flywheel training for its unique benefits in performance adaptions. 

Traditional strength training is generally done by lifting some sort of weight – such as a barbell, dumbbell, or weight stack machine – against gravity.

In flywheel training, resistance is created through the inertia of a flywheel, which is accelerated or decelerated with muscle force. The level of inertia of the flywheel rather than the weight determines the force needed. 


The principle is equivalent to that of a traditional yoyo device. The kinetic energy loaded in the flywheel in the concentric phase of the motion determines the force needed in the eccentric phase. This has important advantages when it comes to resistance training such as facilitating a constant resistance and maximal muscle force at every angle.

get stronger. be a better athlete.

the flywheel advantage.

Eccentric training and overload. 

One of the most important advantages of flywheel training is its ability to provide eccentrically overloaded training in a safe, practical, and efficient way.

Your muscles are stronger in the lengthening (eccentric) phase of its motion, as compared to the shortening (concentric) phase.










Training the eccentric phase has strong scientific support, the most important being increasing total strength and hypertrophy (muscle growth). As many injuries occur during an eccentric contraction, eccentric training can also greatly reduce the risk of injury for elite athletes as well as rehabilitation clients. Eccentric training is also shown to transform muscle into a faster phenotype.

In regular strength training with weights, the load in the eccentric phase is limited to how much the weaker concentric phase can lift. As a result, the eccentric phase is rarely loaded to its maximum, and the training loses efficiency.

With flywheel training, eccentric training and heavy eccentric overload have never been easier or safer. With the addition of a wireless feedback system, we can easily measure the eccentric power and overload generated for each repetition.

fuel performance. enhance recovery.

To best support your strength gains, fuel your performance and optimize recovery, you will receive ready-to-implement nutrition guidelines. You will learn how to keep a flexible mindset with your nutrition and make your own choices without unnecessary complexity or restrictions. 

Get started now with our options below.

option 1.

strength training sessions geared towards improving your sports performance.

Monthly in-person Personal Training membership to accelerate your fitness progress. Leave nothing to chance.

BRONZE      CHF  690.-     4 training sessions per month

SILVER         CHF 1190.-      8 training sessions per month

GOLD          CHF 1680.-     12 training sessions per month

PLATINUM   CHF 2080.-    16 training sessions per month

Each membership is valid for one month. Will renew monthly. Can be canceled anytime.

  1-1 personal training sessions to get the maximum out of your workout every single time. On the spot advice and insights on proper exercise execution.

  Sessions take place at our private gym in Waedenswil (full privacy), or for an added cost of CHF 30.- per session, we can train at a location of your choice (within Zurich).

  The same benefits and resources offered in the Online Coaching package.

  Access to a clients-only mailbox for asking questions.

option 2.

one-time package.

A one-time «do it yourself» strength training program.

CHF 350.-

  A customized strength training program based on your goals and preferences that you follow on your own.

✓  One private personal training session to go over the exercises in person and discuss any questions.


Through personal training at Barbells & Plates, I was able to achieve my goals. Dominic has specialized expertise that gave me a noticeable advantage in my training. Highly recommended.

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