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Your all-in-one solution to look, feel and perform your best.

Barbells & Plates Personal Training Zurich is your all-in-one solution to look, feel, and perform your best. Get the right support from your personal trainer to master your physique and learn how body recomposition - gaining muscle, and losing body fat - works.

Many people rely on daily motivation and discipline to achieve their fitness goals. While this can work for a period of time, it will eventually fail as nobody has high motivation and discipline all the time. This is perfectly human. Instead, our personal training and coaching aim to establish simple yet powerful routines and habits that align with your goals and lifestyle that you can implement consistently in your life regardless of the fluctuating status of your motivation and willpower. We give you the systems, structure, and accountability you need to succeed.

It's simple, but it's not easy.

Barbells & Plates Personal Training couples intelligent strength training with a personalized and sustainable nutrition framework that supports your goals and makes you stronger in the process, both physically and mentally. Don't waste any more time with crash diets trying to lose body fat or excessive weight gain phases trying to put on muscle. Use our personal training in Zurich to do it right. We will help you to keep it simple, match your actions to your goals, implement them consistently with targeted effort, and trust the process. Fitness is a journey, not a destination. 

why choose 1:1 personal training?

If you aren't seeing the results you want with your current routine, 1:1 personal training in Zurich with your dedicated Barbells & Plates personal coach might be your best option.

It may be that you are getting results - just not in the way you expected. For example, you might be changing your body composition - gaining muscle and losing body fat simultaneously - while your body weight stays constant. We can see your situation more clearly from the outside and offer you a new perspective. If you feel like you are stuck or you are ready to take your training to the next level, our experienced personal trainers can help you find ways to kickstart your progress.

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Zurich? Do you need someone who will work with you to set up a long-term progress plan with you? Someone who will hold you accountable, keep you from second-guessing your decisions, and be there for you to
adapt and optimize your program so you don't lose sight of your goals? Then look no further: Barbells & Plates 1:1 Personal Training Zurich is your solution!

understand what really matters.

More often than not, doing fewer things better is the way to go. Especially when it comes to your fitness, simplicity beats complexity. 80% of your fitness progress is determined by just a handful of activities. These actions are simple, yet extremely effective. We help you cut through all the fitness clutter and instead simplify your fitness and health to the most effective, efficient, and sustainable interventions.

Learn how to stay flexible with your nutrition and make your own choices.


Choose exercises that are optimal for your goals and for your individual anatomy. Don't waste time on exercises that will not produce results and unnecessarily increase your risk of injury.

personal training zurich.

ready for personal training zurich?

Take action now! Our personal training Zurich coaching gives you the following benefits:

1. Empowerment. Knowledge is power. But only when it is applied. Especially when it comes to your personal fitness goals, having a proper understanding of what is required to reach those goals is incredibly empowering. Your Barbells & Plates personal trainer will educate you on how nutrition can make or break your fitness progress, what exercise routine is most appropriate for your situation, the correct exercise form, and so much more.

2. Accountability. How many times have you gone to bed saying to yourself, "Tomorrow, I’m going to wake up, go to the gym, and do an hour workout before I get ready for work,” and then awaken, only to decide to sleep for another hour instead? This is where your personal trainer can step in, ensuring that you stay accountable for your actions so that reaching your fitness goals goes on autopilot mode and becomes the natural choice.

3. Minimize time wasted and maximize results. Regardless of the time you have available to train or the level you are training at, your 1:1 fitness coach in Zurich will be able to provide you with the necessary tools and planning to support you in maximizing your results. You will learn to keep the big picture in mind while prioritizing the daily actions that will be responsible for your progress.

how does our coaching process work?

1. Goals. We start by discussing your goals and what held you back in the past to make the desired change. We will formulate a plan based on your answers and your nutrition and training history, goals, progress, and struggles. We will then inform you if we have the skillset to help, what is realistic, and what interventions are necessary.

2. Plan. We will create an initial nutrition and training plan based on your schedule and preferences. This includes nutrition guidance on creating meals that fit your food preferences, and a training program tailored specifically towards your experience, lifestyle, and goals.

3. Execute. You will check in on a regular basis with your progress data and any other questions. Your job is to adhere to the plan, and our job is to help you do that and tweak things when necessary to stay on target. Ultimately, our mission is to support you in a sustainable way on your journey to fitness independence.

Get started now with our options below.

option 1.

strength training and nutrition package with your personal trainer.

Monthly in-person Personal Training membership to accelerate your fitness progress. Leave nothing to chance.

BRONZE      CHF  690.-     4 training sessions per month

SILVER         CHF 1190.-      8 training sessions per month

GOLD          CHF 1680.-     12 training sessions per month

PLATINUM   CHF 2080.-    16 training sessions per month

Each membership is valid for one month. Will renew monthly. Can be canceled anytime.

  1-1 personal training sessions to get the maximum out of your workout every single time. On the spot advice and insights on proper exercise execution.

  Sessions take place at our private gym in Waedenswil ( 7 walking minutes from the train station, full privacy), or for an added cost of CHF 30.- per training session, we can train at our partner gym in Zurich.

  Ready to implement nutritional guidelines including recommended food choices for satiety, health, and physical performance.

 Informative guidance on how to recover, manage stress and optimize your sleep.

option 2.

one-time package.

A one-time «do it yourself» training and nutrition package.

CHF 450.-

  A customized training and nutrition program based on your goals and preferences that you follow on your own.

✓  One private personal training session to go over the exercises in person and discuss any questions.

Personal Training

Before Barbells & Plates Personal Training, my focus was the number on the scale and solely physical appearance. Dominic taught me to trust the process and enjoy the growth that is beyond the visible. I gained much more than just muscle mass. Together with my strength, I improved my mental state, found balance, and learned how to enjoy the process of both physical and mental progress."

Dragana, phd researcher at roche

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