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Welcome to the Barbells & Plates Personal Training blog. It's nice to see you here!

This is a quick story through my life - from being a professional athlete, suffering from a blood disorder, working in the corporate sector, going through a burnout, to supporting people as a personal trainer and coach.Welcome to the Barbells & Plates Personal Training blog. It's nice to see you here!


Hi, I am Dominic. I am passionate about fitness, health, happiness and being the best role model to my daughter that I can be.

I am a born perfectionist and my attention to detail can be classified as obsessive. This trait has served me well during my professional athletic career as part of the Swiss Tennis Federation, my selection into leadership training at the world's largest healthcare company, while pursuing my MBA degree in China and learning Mandarin, or overcoming a life-changing blood disease and several surgeries whose effects are still present to this day.

It has also led to an unhealthy relationship with my body bordering on body dysmorphia, and a mental burnout that led me to quit my corporate career and seek psychological help.

My personal fitness struggle.

For many years, my obsession with “optimizing” the look and performance of my body has led me down a rabbit hole of trying every training and diet program under the sun in search of the perfect program that will give me my desired outcome of that lean and muscular body that turns heads.

I remember flying all over the world to meet with so-called renowned gurus in search of that magic pill that will transform my body and life. I was willing to try every questionable supplement, cutting-edge recovery therapy or nonsensical (in hindsight) biohacking method that was promising to just give me that edge I was looking for. I was disappointed every time.

Stepping on the path to success.

My effort-to-reward ratio just didn't pay off and I was forced to rethink everything that I believed to know. So I decided to reevaluate everything I had learned over the years and approach fitness with a blank slate, sifting through research and looking at what the data actually says and supports. I was also fortunate to learn and be mentored by some of the smartest and most accomplished individuals in the science-based fitness community to not only develop my critical thinking skills but also hone the art of coaching.

When I became a first-time dad, I didn’t want fitness to take away from the joy and responsibility of fatherhood. Long story short - by applying what I now knew, I was able to not only maintain my leanness and strength but continue to make progress towards my goals with less time spent exercising and without worrying or obsessing about food.

I now apply the same systems with my clients and people just like you who are able to achieve not only lasting changes to their physique but also to their mindset which allows them to sustain a lean and strong body as they adopt simple but powerful habits in their lifestyle.

Success essentially boils down to two things:

1. The right methods

2. The consistent implementation of such.

It is simple, but not easy. Change requires action. Small actions done consistently will lead to significant outcomes.

Why I do what I do.

I am passionate about training, nutrition, health, and everything in

between to keep improving and developing the body and mind to

its maximum potential while enjoying the process.

My mission and joy as a coach are to help you master your body, fitness, and health in a simple, fulfilling, and sustainable way by separating facts from fiction and breaking down seemingly complex topics into simple and actionable steps that can be integrated today. Over time, this leads to the most awesome version of yourself and exceptional life.

Fitness is a journey, not a destination!

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Thank you for reading! Please feel free to ask any questions.


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